Find Your Size

Find your Bra size

Are you wearing the right bra? Find your size in 2 easy steps

How To Measure Yourself In Two Easy Steps

Step 1:

Measure your Band Size first with a tape measure in inches under your bust marked number 1 in the picture. Make sure the tape measure is parallel to the ground and snag across your body and ensure you are comfortable. Write down the number round off any odd numbers to the nearest even number.

Step 2:

Measure your Cup Size marked number 2. Stand straight and measure around the fullest part of your boobs make sure its snag around your boobs not too tight though. Tip ensure you are not wearing a padded bra as this changes your measurements. Write down the number.

Cup SizeFullest part of Bust in Inches – Band Size (Under Bust in Inches).

Important Tip: 

To get a more precise measurement we would love you to come to My Curves store for a FREE professional bra fitting session or use our “Find My Bra Size” tool below.

8 Easy steps to make sure your bra fits you perfectly.

    1. Always fit your bra on the loosest hook.
    2. The underband should be snug but enabling you to fit two fingers in the under-band at either side.
    3. The underband should be even all the way round the body, so the back of the bra is parallel with the front of the bra.
    4. Your breast should fit into each cup within the wire casing.
    5. Your breasts should fill the cups without bulging over the top or ‘double-busting’.
    6. The centre front should lay flat and separate your breasts as much as possible, however depending on body or boob shape this is not always possible.
    7. The straps should be adjusted to between the shoulder and the elbow depending on comfort, fit and lift required.
    8. Always put your outer clothing on top of the bra to see your new shape. Wearing the correct size bra is not only important, it enhances your outerwear.

Find your Panty size

To make sure your underwear fits the way it should and that you are as comfortable as possible, take a few minutes to take some measurements and find the right size for you. All you need is a soft tape measure. Wrap the tape measure around your waist where you typically wear your pants.
*Your natural waistline is three fingers above your belly button. If you are in between sizes, we recommend the larger size.

Find your Shapewear size

Find the smallest area of your waist and pull tape measure firmly and note the measurement in inches.

Find your waist measurement on the chart and determine your size. You may either select a size lower for the shapewear for effective control or your size for comfortable control. If you are in between sizes select the larger size.

Leonisa Size Chart

Miraclesuit Size Chart